Planning target volume (ptv) and 50. 4 gy, 1. 8 gy/fx to anal tumor ptv; t3-4n0-3: 45 gy, 1. 5 gy/fx to elective nodal ptv, and 54 gy, 1. buy viagra without prescription 8 gy/fx to the anal tumor and metastatic nodal ptv > 3 cm with 50. 4 gy, 1. 68 gy/fx to nodal ptvs < 3 cm in size. All patients received concurrent chemotherapy: 5fu and mmc in 35; cisplatin was substituted for the mmc in 3, and single agent 5fu in 5 patients. recommended dosages viagra Acute toxicity was scored using ctc 3. 0. Late toxicity was scored using the rtog criteria. Actuarial analysis was performed using the kaplan-meier method. viagra canada online Results: median age was 58 years; 67% female; 16% stage i, 37% ii; 42% iii; 5% iv. Fourteen patients were immunocompromised: 21% hiv-positive and 12% on chronic immunosuppression. can we get viagra over the counter Median follow-up was 24 months (range, 0. 6-114 months). Sixty percent completed chemoradiation without treatment interruption; median duration of treatment interruption was 2 days (range, 2-24 days). Acute gr. 3+ toxicity included: heme 51%, derm 10%, gi 7% and gu 7%. Predictors of gr. buy generic viagra online 3+ morbidity included the presence of any immunosuppressive co-morbidity and multi-agent chemotherapy. All patients achieved a clinically cr twelve weeks posttreatment. Two-year lc, os, colostomy-free survival and metastasis-free survival was 95%, 94%, 90% and 92%, respectively. Conclusions: dp-imrt appears effective for anal canal cancer, even in immunocompromised patients. The acute toxicity profile with dp-imrt is favorable. Further analysis of outcomes and late morbidity will be required to validate this approach.   associated presentation(s):      1. generic viagra paypal buy Dose-painted intensity-modulated radiation therapy for anal cancer: a multi-institutional report of acute toxicity and response to therapy. Meeting: 2010 asco annual meeting presenter: theodore s. Hong session: gastrointestinal (noncolorectal) cancer (general poster session)   other abstracts in this sub-category:      1. The antiproliferative effect of pasireotide lar alone and in combination with everolimus (rad001) in patients with progressive medullary thyroid cancer (mtc): a single-center, open-label, phase ii, proof-of-concept study. Meeting: 2010 asco annual meeting   abstract no: tps219   first author: a. Faggiano category: gastrointestinal (noncolorectal) cancer - other gi cancer      2. Phase ii study of cixutumumab (imc-a12) plus depot octreotide for patients with metastatic carcinoid or islet cell carcinoma. cheap viagra no prescription Meeting: 2010 asco annual meeting   abstract no: tps220   first author: l. viagra online without prescription B. Anthony category: gastrointestinal (noncolorectal) cancer - other gi cancer      3. buy cheap viagra Updated safety and efficacy results of the phase iii trial of sunitinib (su) versus placebo (pbo) for treatment of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (net). viagra coupon Meeting: 2010 asco annual meeting   abstract no: 4000   first author: p. Niccoli category: gastrointestinal (noncolorectal) cancer - other gi cancer      more...   abstracts by t. S. Hong:      1. Do.

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